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Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Property

GVLAWYERS is always proud of being one of the first professional law firms in Vietnam operating in the fields of Intellectual Property.

GVLAWYERS is always the trusted partner of many law firms around the world, always ensuring to provide full and professional legal services to clients.

Both Viet Nam’s laws and regulations on Intellectual Property Rights and  their  enforcement  are  yet  to improve if investors are to be provided with enough security to do and develop their business. To complicate the situation even  further,  here  comes  the  era  of electronic commerce and block-chain applications!




Are included in our services:


  • Preparation of patent applications;
  • Enforcement of patent certificates;
  • Prosecution against violation at administrative and judicial levels.




GV lawyers offers a full range of services related to trademarks and service marks.






  • Drafting applications for copyright and related rights registration;
  • Advertising;
  • Printed and on-line publications;
  • Computer software;
  • Broadcasting rights.


Trade secrets, know-how and confidential information protection


We advise on how to safeguard business secrets and other confidential information in day-to- day  operation  and  in  specific  transactions  as  well  (hiring  employees,  contracting  with suppliers, customers, buyers and business partners).


Unfair competition


We advise on counter-measures and/or legal action against unfair competition acts, including  inter alia cyber-squatting.



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