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GVLAWYERS has a great practice in multi-jurisdictional and local tax. We have substantial expertise in compliance and Vietnam tax advice. We also incorporate global tax advice when structuring our clients’ transactions with assistance from our consultant and affiliates in other jurisdictions.
GVLAWYERS’s Tax Attorney offers services both for corporate and individual customers. Whether customers are planning an investment into Vietnam or browsing the choices of organizing a base in the Asia Pacific, good tax advice is more than important to help them in making the right options. We deliver advice to our customers in certain situations in a fast-developing enhanced information exchange world. Clients can count on our familiarity with Vietnam transfer pricing problems, and with assisting customers to develop multijurisdictional corporate structures to attain tax efficiency given the substance of operations, withholding tax, impact of host country taxation laws, income tax treaties, and other fiscal and legal problems.
GVLAWYERS are suitable to support such plans at an initial phase, to assist evaluate the most effective tax structure for a certain customer, and to execute the plan in Vietnam or other abroad regions.
Tax Lawyers

What Do Tax Lawyers Do?

Bants, and litigating the tax treatment of contentious tax positions. Tax attorneys operate in a vast practice setting, including tax courts, corporations, nonprofit organizations,  federal and state government agencies, sed on the area of specialization and practice setting, a tax attorney will usually be involved in implementing and analyzing complex transactions, giving guidance for clients based on the tax outcomes of certain transactions, observing new and un-resolving tax legislation and describing the possible culminations to large law firms. Clients can include trade associations, private foundations, educational entities, health care, non-profits, governments, private, individual, and public companies.

What are some job titles they might have?

The job titles for these experts may involve estate planning attorney, international tax attorney, dispute resolution attorney and tax controversy, real estate tax attorney, criminal tax attorney, transactional tax attorney, corporate tax attorney, tax and business attorney, and tax associate.

The required skills?

The crucial skills of an attorney include a thorough comprehension of mathematical principles and accounting, owning the ability to communicate and clearly explain complex tax regulations to clients. These experts also depend on the ability to analyze tax law to assist clients in making decisions, critical thinking skills, and legal researching ability to keep updated on the constantly altering tax legislation. Vietnam Tax lawyers have to obtain numerous of these skill sets in their education, expressing clearly both orally and in writing, and synthesize complex legal documents.
Tax Law Firm

Who do they work for?

Hired Tax attorneys in big firms either in-house counsel or on contract, large enterprises may hire tax attorneys full time to receive awareness of employment and payroll issues, impacts of financial decisions, legislative developments, and finally, the legality of certain transactions.
Big law companies often have a tax group with attorneys whose responsibility is to address problems such as corporate restructuring, joint ventures, bankruptcy, and forming a corporation or nonprofit. For smaller companies that lead a more private practice, their attorneys may engage in supporting firms to set up trusts, property tax appeals, tax disputes, audits. Other attorneys lead practices in estate law, their responsibility is to help clients develop their wills and trusts to increase tax dominance.

Specialties in tax law include:

CORPORATE TAX – Attorneys make sure compliance with tax rules, regulations, and laws. They deliver advice on company governance, acquisitions and mergers, and other issues and securities problems.
EXECUTIVE COMPENSATION – Attorneys deliver advice and consultation on federal and state benefits, pensions, and regulations. The draft provisions and policies in employment agreements and act as a subject matter professional on executive compensation taxation issues.
EXEMPT ORGANIZATIONS– Professional adviser, nonprofit organizations, such as social service providers, homeowners associations, public charities, healthcare organizations,  educational institutions, trade, and business associations.
INTERNATIONAL TAX PLANNING – Experts provide advice on tax matters relating to companies engaged in global business activities, as well as individuals working or retiring abroad
MUNICIPAL FINANCE – The tax attorneys help local authorities with matters such as economic development, industrial revenue, school districts, housing, bonds, infrastructure, tax compliance for capital projects.
TAX LITIGATION – Trial attorneys resolve cases in state and federal tax courts. These attorneys also arrange with the IRS, representing customers in disputes with tax governments or defend criminal tax prosecutions.

Tax Lawyers

Updating our clients on the latest legal Vietnam tax obligations

In a fast-growing economy like Vietnam, counseling clients on the newest legal developments is classified to be one of the most crucial tasks of a consultant. And that it is one of the most common requests for assistance from our clients.

Providing the most appropriate solutions to our clients’ tax issues

GVLawyers’ team has substantial expertise in developing efficient tax structures, solving emergency tax problems encountered during business operation, and tax planning.

Assisting our clients in their rapports with local tax authorities

Our advising attorneys are well experienced in delivering lawful and mutually agreeable solutions to enterprises or disputes’ tax-related requests in collaboration with the provincial or national tax authorities such as the provincial Tax Departments, the General Tax Department, and the Ministry of Finance.


Please feel free to contact us if our tax advice in Vietnam and/or internationally is required! Our international/Vietnam tax consultants, including a tax lawyer and a senior Vietnam tax consultant, are looking forward to solving your problems!
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