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Nguyen Gia Huy Chuong

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Nguyen Gia Huy Chuong

Managing Partner

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Chuong has 20 years of experience in corporate consulting, tax advisory and technology & intellectual property management. His work has primarily been in the areas of corporate consultancy, mergers and acquisitions, emerging growth companies, taxation, business litigation, executive team effectiveness and leadership coaching with clients spanning most industry sectors: construction, technology information, family health care, inbound travel, intellectual property, home appliances manufacturing, port management, transport and telecommunications.


Chuong also possesses vast experience in corporate law, particularly in corporate matters  for  domestic  and  foreign  enterprises  in  Vietnam  and  mergers  & acquisitions in all aspects. Whether you are an entrepreneur just starting a business or being at the helm of an emerging or high-growth company, his experiences in management and strategic development of corporations can provide counsel and problem solving assistance to you along the way.


Along with his knowledge of Corporate, Private Equity, M&A, Real Estate and Construction, Chuong has acquired experience in tax matters through his working at a leading consulting firm in Vietnam allowing him to give in depth advice on law and tax compliance practices in Vietnam. Chuong has advised and completed numerous mergers and acquisitions of foreign-owned corporations and assisted in resolving intricate tax issues linked to restructuring and M&A operations.


Currently, Chuong is acting as the Managing Partner of GV Lawyers, an international law firm lately established by a group of dedicated and experienced lawyers who have started and advanced their careers with the most prominent law firms in Viet Nam, the latest one in the list being Phuoc & Partners. Chuong has more than 10 consecutive years acting as the director and managing partner of Phuoc & Partners.


Chuong was also invited to lecture international and domestic law at the Polytechnics University of Ho Chi Minh City.



Vietnamese, English


  • Master of Law in Bristol Law School, the UWE Bristol, UK (majored in International Trade Law)
  • Bachelor of Law Degree, from the Law University of Ho Chi Minh City (majored in Economic and Trade Law).


  • Member of Singaporean Business Association in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Member of Hong Kong Business Association in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Member of the Commonwealth of Australia Trade Commission in Vietnam
  • Member of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam.


  • Member of the Bar Association of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Member of the Law Association for Asia and the Pacific.
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