EN Legal Newsletter No. 04.2024

Legal Newsletter | April 2024

Dear Valued Customers and Partners,

GV Lawyers would like to introduce you to the Legal Newsletter Issue No. 04 of April 2024.

  • This newsletter will catch you up on (i) transporting dangerous goods by motorway vehicles, (ii) on tracing the origins of products and goods, and (iii) amending the Rules of Origin in the ASEAN-Korea Free Trade Agreement.
  • Whether consular legalization of foreign documents is required in arbitration proceedings and is the lack of consular legalization in arbitration a breach of fundamental principles of Vietnam’s laws? In the article “Consular legalization of documents used in arbitral proceedings: A pretext for setting aside arbitral awards”, Mr. Luong Van Ly – Senior Advisor of GV Lawyers and Paralegal Tran Nguyen Phuong Anh will the analysis clarifies the above question through two arbitral awards annulled by courts in Vietnam. Since then, the author of the article has made recommendations in the upcoming amendments to the Commercial Arbitration Law.
  • In the section “Legal Guidance“, we will keep you updated about the questions on tax policies and invoices such as: (i) Tax policy for foreign suppliers; (ii) Corporate income tax on payments to members of the Board of Directors; (iii) Enjoy insurance deductions when finalising personal income tax; and (iv) Suspend exit for the taxpayer’s legal representative.
  • Proposal to sell excessive rooftop solar power to the national grid, and proposal on a permission for credit institutions to buy back unlisted corporate bonds are of the centerpiece of the section “Good readings for you”.
  • The last part of the Legal Newsletter is, as usual, the list of selected latest legal documents.

We hope you will find this newsletter useful. To read the full Legal Newsletter, please click DOWNLOAD.

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