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The rapid and robust growth of inbound foreign investment in Viet Nam has been fostered in the last 05 years by a surge in M&A transactions. GV Lawyers’ attorneys were among the first in the country to engage and acquire good reputation in such transactions. Their long experience and excellent performance are undisputed among fellow lawyers.

As top-tier legal experts in M&A for both smaller and complex, high-value, cross-border transactions, they are prepared to engage in a full range of deal structures from public takeovers/tender offers to divestments, auctions, and demergers. In addition, the whole firm’s expertise in sectors as diversified as tax, labour, intellectual property, finance, real estate, anti-trust and competition, and dispute resolution can be mobilized for creating a mass-synergy effect and providing  an integrated support to all types of M&A transactions (manufacturing, construction, trading, media & communication projects…).

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