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Some of the largest commercial banks, financial service businesses, private equity investors, investment management funds, and trading companies, both Vietnamese and international, highly regarded our legal banking professionals at Phuoc & Partners for the quality of their advice. When our team moved to GV Lawyers, the same clientele followed them, and our banking practice thrived as a result of our clients’ gratitude and trust.
Our clients’ service requirements have included, among other things, (i) regulatory compliance and (ii) mortgage banking. Furthermore, our team has gathered a wealth of expertise in dispute settlement and litigation in the banking industry as a result of their participation in a number of high-profile dispute cases, notably those involving financial institutions and their clients.
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GV LAWYERS has always taken pleasure in offering a full variety of banking and finance services to our clients, which include local and overseas international banks, as well as other financial organizations.
Our banking and finance business encompasses all aspects of local and international banking and financing, including restructurings, financings, and financial institution consulting services. GV LAWYERS has a large number of partners, senior, mid-level, and junior associates, all of whom have extensive banking and finance product line and nation experience.


Banking and finance legislation governs the establishment, ownership, and operation of banks and depository institutions, mortgage banks, other financial service providers regulated or licensed by state or federal banking authorities, and holding corporations. It also encompasses the representation of banks and other financial institutions in lending transactions to borrowers, as well as compliance with consumer and other regulations pertaining to all areas of financial services offered by banks and other financial institutions. Banking and financial procedures differ from one business to the next.
A complete banking and finance legal practice comprise not only lending and regulatory compliance advice and representation, but also fiduciary activities, securitizations, payment systems, electronic banking, data security, and risk management. It also addresses mergers, corporate restructuring, and ownership problems involving holding companies, banks, and other regulated institutions.

Our banking and finance work includes:

  • Acquisitions Finance: capital obtained for the aim of purchasing another company. Purchase finance enables customers to fulfill their current acquisition goals by providing quick funds that may be utilized to the deal.
  • Financing of Assets: the process of borrowing money or taking out a loan against what you already own by utilizing a company’s balance sheet assets (such as investments or inventories) as security. It can give a safe and simple approach to obtain working cash for your company.
  • Consumer Finance: referred to as when a business gives financing to their consumers with the assistance of a professional finance organization. This enables the customer to pay for an item or service that they would be unable to pay for in cash or by credit card upfront. Both companies and consumers benefit from consumer financing.
  • Banking Compliance and Regulation: conforming to a rule, such as a specification, policy, standard, or legislation, is what compliance entails in general. Regulatory compliance refers to the objective that companies strive towards in their efforts to ensure that they are aware of and comply with applicable laws, policies, and regulations.
  • Credit and Loan Facilities: is a sort of loan issued in the context of a company or corporate finance. It enables the borrowing company to borrow money over a longer length of time rather than reapplying for a loan each time it requires funds.
  • Workouts and Restructuring: Outside of official bankruptcy or insolvency procedures, private discussions with a company’s creditors are used to restructure the terms of its debt obligations in order to repair or avoid default.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance refers to the collection of organizational processes, policies, and procedures that enable adherence to the laws, rules, regulations, mandates, and guidelines enacted by legislators in the jurisdictions where the company operates.

  • Provide compliance checking services for all of our clients’ activities, including loan granting, private banking, and operations relating to overseas remittances and foreign exchange control, with the primary goal of alerting our clients to any risk or potentiality of compliance defaults for preventative purposes; and
  • Propose preventative actions suited to the amount of risk or potentiality exposed during compliance checking.

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Mortgage Banking

Loan origination, as well as the acquisition and selling of loans through the secondary mortgage market, are all part of mortgage banking. A mortgage banker may keep or sell loans that it originates or buys from affiliates, brokers, or correspondents. The bank may also decide to keep or sell the loan servicing. Banks can engage in any combination of these activities through mortgage banking.

  • Assist financial institutions and mortgage bankers in developing and executing mortgage management standards, such as guidelines for mortgage application documents, disclosures, and other mortgage procedures.
  • Assist clients with legal due diligence, organizational structuring, particular loan transaction issues, mortgage fraud prevention, and reacting to applicable laws and regulations infractions or suspected violations…
  • Examine the forms and processes to ensure that they meet all legal requirements.


Dispute settlement and litigation are frequently taught together in law school. The process of preparing and presenting a case in court is referred to as litigation. Mediation and arbitration are examples of alternative dispute settlement (ADR) methods that can take place either independently of the court system or as part of the in-court litigation process. Dispute resolution and litigation and professionals have a wide range of employment options.

  • Represent our clients in disputes involving lender liability, check fraud, lien priority decisions, subordination agreement disputes, trust disputes, credit life insurance cases, letters of credit, and the execution of different lending collateral arrangements…
  • Manage dispute settlement for our clients in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible by giving frequent status reports, utilizing prudent staffing of litigation associates and paralegals, and always requesting client pre-approval for any exceptional litigation expenditures.


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