In its quest for more opportunities to improve professionally, learn from one another’s experience and build an extended foundation for robust and sustainable development in the long term, GV Lawyers has all along attached great importance to finding and building strategic partnership with customers and profession-mates domestically and internationally. Finding a partner and being accepted as a partner is a laborious process of investing time, effort and building trust which requires enthusiasm but also serenity, wisdom and most of all perseverance and endurance.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a process. Working together is Success”.

For GV Lawyers, each strategic partner is precious and worth a high tribute precisely because of such demanding “looking-for gold-in the-sand” work.

Let us introduce below are some of GV Lawyers’ Strategic Partners:

logo GIBC


GV Lawyers is a legal consultant of Global Integration Business Consultants (GIBC) under a permanent legal consultancy contract. The goal of GIBC is to associate enterprise development with global integration, help enterprises grow strongly and sustainably through high-level consulting services covering topics as diversified as business strategy; investment promotion; corporate governance; economic and market research; corporate restructuring; human capital development strategies; PR & communication strategies; and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Because we pursue the same goals and ambition and share the same cultural values, GV Lawyers and GIBC have upgraded our relationship from the regular client-consultant status to strategic partnership. 

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PRO VIETNAM or Packaging Recycling Organisation in Vietnam is an organization founded by 9 companies but having presently 12 member companies including (in alphabetical order): Coca-Cola Vietnam, FrieslandCampina, La Vie, Nestlé Vietnam, NutiFood, Saigon Coop, Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam, Tetra Pak Vietnam, TH Group, The Apple Tree Group (Annam Gourmet), and URC Vietnam. Their goal is to coordinate their action through PRO Vietnam such as implementing joint measures to contribute to protecting /limiting the harm caused to the environment in Vietnam. What is very special in PRO VIETNAM is that for the first time in Vietnam, companies that compete with one another very fiercely in the marketplace rally for a common cause for community benefit.

As of November 2019, through an Agreement signed with PRO VIETNAM, GV Lawyers has officially become PRO VIETNAM’s Strategic Partner in the field of legal consultancy.


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