Both Viet Nam’s laws and regulations on Intellectual Property Rights and their enforcement are yet to improve if investors are to be provided with enough security to do and develop their business. To complicate the situation even further, here comes the era of electronic commerce and block-chain applications!

Intellectual property law is the basis for corporate asset development and protection. As an IP firm, we understand how vital these assets are for our customers’ businesses when they are globally expanding.

GV Lawyers has developed and registered the customer’s patents, trademarks, and designs. We are proud to be one of the first Vietnamese professional law firms to work in the Intellectual Property (IP) sector. GV Lawyers is always a valued partner in providing customers with comprehensive and competent legal services.

Intellectual Property

Who are our Clients for IP matters?

  • International businesses, organizations, and individuals who are interested in intellectual property services;
  • Vietnam companies and organizations;
  • People with IPS surveys.

Why using our IP services

  • We have IP attorneys with experience in the full spectrum of IP issues;
  • Providing a preliminary examination of the trademark in Vietnam before the actual filing of trademarks;
  • Expert staff in every aspect of IP;
  • Comprehension of IP business views.

Experience & Expertise

GV Lawyers has assisted thousands of companies and clients who have won hundreds of disputes and unfair competitions for intellectual property rights. Otherwise, GV Lawyers has successfully recorded hundreds of applications in Vietnam for registration of marks, copyright registration, renewal of trademarks, patent registration, and industrial design protection.

Our IP practice include:

1. Patents

Our attorneys offer a complete range of patent services, including patent application preparation and prosecution, including patent appeals. GV Lawyers shall also give views on patentability, infringements, and validity of patents and investigate due diligence. Our services include:

  • Patent application preparation
  • Patent certificate enforcement
  • Administrative and judicial prosecution for violations

2. Trademarks

GV attorneys provide a comprehensive range of trademark and service mark services. Our attorneys provide advice on the accessibility, use, and enforcement of trademarks and service marks, as well as audits of mark portfolios, to our customers.

3. Copyright


  • Drafting of copyright applications and associated rights
  • Advertising
  • Printed and online publications
  • Computer software.
  • Broadcasting rights (neighbouring rights).

4. Trade secrets, know-how and confidential information protection

We advise on how to safeguard business secrets and other confidential information in day-to-day operation  and  in  specific  transactions  as  well  (hiring employees,  contracting  with  suppliers,  customers, buyers and business partners).

5. Unfair competition

We advise on counter-measures and/or legal action against unfair competition acts, including inter alia cyber-squatting.

Our IP lawyers can discover inventive solutions in the most effective way possible to solve the matter. We have considerable trial expertise in every court where patent and other intellectual property disputes are heard. Most significantly, we constantly aim to short-circuit cases using innovative methods that result in swift and efficient triumphs. Our GV Lawyers skilled and knowledgeable legal staff has been trusted to provide customers with a range of services.

IP Lawyers

6. Licensing and transfer

Our IP lawyers regularly address intellectual property questions (including patent, mark, copyright, and trade secret issues) in the context of specific intellectual property transactions as well as business transactions. We have experience negotiating, developing, and analyzing transfer, licensing, and security agreements. We also advise on corporate and tax problems related to intellectual property transfers.

7. IP rights enforcement

Companies in Vietnam who wish to protect their IP rights have two alternatives:

  • Civil Court action
  • Administrative action

The competent authorities can take possible actions such as warnings, fines, seizure or destruction of counterfeit products, etc.

8. Internet and E-commerce

At the forefront of fixed and mobile Internet platforms, our attorneys seek patent protection and work to secure copyright. We have developed an innovative leadership position to secure the application of such technologies, including product inventory management, to wireless e-commerce.
Our e-commerce and online clients include entrepreneurial start-ups and mid-sized firms, large retailers, one of the world’s biggest drinking and food companies, as well as various publicity and promotional agencies and consultants, from small, independent businesses to one of the world’s top ten advertising agencies.

9. Franchising

IPRs form an essential element of all franchise agreements and contain trade names, marks, reputations, exclusive manufacturing or selling rights, or goodwill. Intellectual property rights are a critical aspect of all franchise agreements and contain IPRs.
A potential franchisor must thus verify that any essential intellectual property in connection with the company is secured appropriately before beginning the franchising agreement.
The protection of all the franchise’s intellectual property is very essential, both by legal means and via a franchising agreement between the franchisee and the franchisor, as explained below.

Intellectual Property issues for Franchisors and Franchisees might occur:

  • Trademark Protection
  • Business name registration
  • Protection of image and appearance (including phone numbers and contact details)
  • Confidentiality Agreements

10. Commercialization

The commercialization of intellectual property involves deriving value from the intellectual property through marketing, at least in part by using the intellectual property to create a new product, production technique, or service. Legal protection gives intellectual property owners competitive benefits without secrecy or restricts rivals from utilizing the intellectual property over a defined length of time in their manufacture, marketing, and application in certain countries.


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