IPO stands for “Initial Public Offering”. An IPO is defined as the process of selling the first shares of a private company to access the general public markets. It could be a new, young company or an old company which decides to be publicly listed on a recognized stock exchange. Thus, an IPO is also commonly known as “going public.”

Planning to choose a suitable stock market to submit an IPO is a crucial decision as your company shall have an opportunity to involve in the equity capital market, especially the international capital market. This stock market can be also considered as the platform for your company to raise funds with growth potential and development prospects.

The SEHK, Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited and Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited merged and formed a single holding company, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (“HKEx”), the shares of which were listed on the Main Board on 27 June 2000.

HKEx is a world-leading capital raising venue for Hong Kongese, Mainland Chinese, and international issuers. The resilience and strength of HKEx and the other relevant market participants have made Hong Kong one of the leading listing venues in the world and HKEx is committed to attracting new listed companies and offering a wealth of benefits for these listed companies, with the following impressive features:

  • #1 globally in IPO fundraising in six of the past ten years.
  • Over HK$2 trillion in IPO funds raised by issuers over the past nine years.
  • Record revenues reported in Jan-Sept 2019, of $12,565 million, up 2 per cent
  • Jan-Sept 2019 EBITDA $9,663 million, up 3 per cent
  • Over 2,100 listed companies on HKEx including international and Mainland Chinese firms.
  • Bond Connect ADT reached RMB10.7 billion, nearly triple that of 2018.
  • Inline Warrants were introduced in July 2019, with a total of 922 listed as at 31 December 2019
  • Strong bonds with China, Upgrade of derivatives platforms and new Orion Trading Platform – China Stock Connect successfully rolled out in May and August respectively

Furthermore, HKEX is very well-placed as both destination market and financial gateway to and from China, and recently for China originated businesses having operating subsidiaries in Vietnam and other nations in the South East Asia that their business are strongly positioned to capitalize on growth opportunities and are competitively positioned internationally.

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To conclude, upon the demand of many companies, the Hong Kong IPO Vietnamese advisory service plays an integral part in providing high-quality legal advice to companies that wish to raise capital for their sustainable development of the cash flow.

Global Vietnam Lawyers brings a full range of advisory services for Hong Kong IPO which assist your company in a standard listing process. Accordingly, Global Vietnam Lawyers supports and conducts due diligence on the Company or the group of Companies and identify issues in legal and regulatory compliance, simple and complex management structure, governance apparatus, contribution of capital (the contribution increases the owner’s equity interest in the business), relevant regulatory compliance, general legal matters on labour and employment, all material contracts, asset and intellectual property rights (IPRs), and tax compliance work as well.

To execute a successful Hong Kong IPO process, Global Vietnam Lawyers not only support for the due diligence but also assist in drafting and reviewing relevant sections of the prospectus and other IPO and listing documents (Application Proof, or “AP”) and rendering legal opinions on matters of the Hong Kong IPO process.

IPO and listing on HKEx is also a recent trend of capital mobilization of corporation having operating subsidiaries incorporated in developing countries like Vietnam. It is worth noting that thanks to the strict supervision and guidance of the competent management authorities, the operating subsidiaries located in industrial parks in Vietnam tend to have a higher level of compliance with local compliance regulations (environmental protection, labor and employment, fire prevention and fire-fighting, hygiene and safety, etc.) than the ones located outside industrial parks.

Some of typical successful deals: Global Vietnam Lawyers has been playing a key and active role in coordinating and working effectively with professional legal counsels, consulting agencies and other working parties in the relevant jurisdictions (US, UK, Europe, Australia, Cayman, BVI, China, Hong Kong, etc. and Vietnam) in supporting  the Listco in filing and completing IPO and listing of securities, including legal due diligence, legal advice and compliance for the Listco; drafting and reviewing the IPO Prospectus; providing legal advice to the Listco, sponsor and underwriters of the IPO process when dealing with the restructuring before listing (where applicable) and issuing the Prospectus and throughout the listing process (Mainboard and GEM Board), as well as the HKEx and Securities and SFC; and provide other necessary legal advice for the whole process of IPO and listing for the following recently successful clients:

  • The successful listing on the GEM Board of HKEx of Hyfusin Group Holdings Limited (Stock Code 8512.HK), a company principally engages in the manufacturing and sale of daily-use candles, scented candles, decorative candles and diffusers with headquarters in Hong Kong and operations in China and Vietnam (http://www.hkexnews.hk/listedco/listconews/GEM/2018/0629/GLN20180629005.pdf).
  • Some other typical clients are still under Application Proof process at the Mainboard of HKEx.

Hongkong IPO Legal AdvisorWe hope that the above is useful for your purposes. If you are concerned that you have difficulty in finding a Hong Kong IPO Vietnamese advisor, please contact us via email info@gvlawyers.com.vn or call us at +84 (28) 3622 3555.

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