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Lineage Logistics Holdings, LLC

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Lineage Logistics Holdings, LLC

  • GV Lawyers has acted as the one of the legal advisors for Lineage Logistics Holdings, LLC (“Lineage”), the world’s largest and most innovative provider of temperature-controlled logistics solutions (see the ranking here) in its acquisition of Emergent Cold Storage (“Emergent”), the world top 25 companies specializing in providing cold chain services (https://www.gcca.org/about/resources/about-industry/technical-publications/surveys-market-research/iarw-global-top-25, accessed on 29 October 2019). It is reported that Lineage could be paying $900 million for the deal and according to the press release of Lineage, such deal is expected to close in 2020. Working together with lawyer teams in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka, GV Lawyers played quintessential role in efficiently assisting Lineage in conducting the legal due diligence on the Vietnamese Subsidiaries of Emergent, providing legal advices on Vietnamese Laws as well as reviewing the relevant transactional documents.




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