EN Legal Newsletter No. 05.2023

Legal Newsletter | May 2023

Dear Valued Customers and Partners,

GV Lawyers would like to introduce you to Legal Newsletter Issue No. 05 of May 2023.

  • This newsletter will update the latest legal information on: (i) extension of the deadline for paying taxes and land rent in 2023, (ii) regulations on the reporting on high value transactions, (iii) carrying out the debt rescheduling for clients in need, (iv) a new Decree detailing a number of articles of the Anti-Money Laundering Law, and (v) additional regulations on business household registration.
  • In the section “Legal Guidance“, we will keep you updated about the questions about tax policies and invoices such as: (i) Cases of using the itemized list when making invoices; (ii) Issuing value-added tax (VAT) invoices for goods temporarily imported for re-export; (iii) Handling the expenses on someone’s behalf that give rise to a difference; and (iv) Personal income taxes on employees as prize-winners.
  • Banks may immediately redeem corporate bonds, and the Government will increase base salary to VND 1.8 million/month from 01 July 2023 are notable information in the section “Good readings for you”.
  • The last part of the Legal Newsletter is, as usual, the list of selected latest legal documents.

We hope you will find this newsletter useful. To read the full Legal Newsletter, please click DOWNLOAD.

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