Legal Alert | June 2023

On 15 June 2023, the Ministry of Public Security issued Decision No. 4158/QD-BCA-PCCC&CNCH (“Decision 4158”) approving the application of foreign and international standards (“Foreign standards”) on fire prevention and fighting in Vietnam to design and test fire prevention and fighting systems and equipment.

According to Decision 4158, 15 approved Foreign Standards include: 5 standards of the International Organization for Standardization (Standard ISO/TS 7240-29:2017, ISO 14520-8:2019, ISO 14520-14:2015, ISO 14520-15:2015, ISO 15779:2011); 4 standards of the National Fire Protection Association (Standard NFPA 13:2022, NFPA 14:2019, NFPA 15:2022, NFPA 850:2020); 2 standards of the People’s Republic of China (Standard GB-19156:2019, GB-25204:2010); Standard UL 2775:2019 of Underwriters Laboratories, Standard EN 12021:2014 of the Federal Republic of Germany, Standard SP 241.1311500.2015 of the Russian Federation, Certification Standard of KFI – KFIS 019:2019 of Korea Fire Institute.

15 these Foreign Standards apply on the basis of compliance with Article 1.4 of the Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Law on Fire Prevention and Fighting 2013, and in case of a new version as its replacement, it will be considered and approved to apply according to regulations.

With 15 Foreign Standards approved by the Ministry of Public Security to be applied in Vietnam, enterprises will have more legal basis for choosing to apply standards on fire prevention and fighting suited to each of their works and projects. In addition, this regulation also helps enterprises save production costs and time to put works and projects into production and business activities.

Thus, the issuance of Decision 4158 can be considered to be  a solution to remove legal problems for enterprises conducting fire prevention and fighting work in the past time, helping the works and projects of enterprises to be licenced and accepted on schedule, because the acceptance of fire prevention and fighting is almost the last step for the works and projects to be put into operation.

Decision 4158 will take effect from the date of signing, ie. 15/6/2023.

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