Legal Alert | December 2020

Decree 145/2020/ND-CP (“Decree 145“) dated December 14, 2020 has introduced many new regulations on working conditions and labour relationships that directly affect both enterprises and employees. What should enterprises and employees pay attention to when Decree 145 takes effect (from February 1, 2021)? GV Lawyers’ Legal Update newsletter will help businesses and employees answer the said question.

  1. The internal labour regulations must have regulations on prevention and combat of sexual harassment at the workplace
  2. Enterprises must report the labour change situation before 05 June and 05 December every year;
  3. An employee doing a particular job and wanting to quit must give at least 120-day notice;
  4. Employees who arbitrarily quit 5 consecutive working days will not be entitled to severance pay;
  5. Female employees working on their menstrual day are entitled to an additional salary; and
  6. Enterprises with 1000 or more female employees must have a lactation room for their use.
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