Legal Alert | August 2023

In order to speed up the processing of value-added tax (“VAT”) refund application files, contributing to creating favorable conditions for enterprises to develop production, business, and export goods, on 09 August 2023, the General Department of Taxation has issued Official Telegram No. 07/CD-TCT (“Telegram No. 07”) on speeding up the processing of VAT refund application files to request the tax authorities to urgently implement the following contents that directly affect enterprises:

  • Review in detail each application file for VAT refund

The General Department of Taxation requires the Tax Departments to review the classification of VAT refund application files to ensure compliance with regulations, and at the same time review each tax refund application files, especially those that have been classified, checked first, tax-refunded later.

  • Immediate tax refund for application files determined to be eligible for tax refund

For the VAT refund application files that the tax authorities have finished examining and seen as eligible for tax refund, they will immediately make tax refund to the enterprise in order to create favorable conditions for the enterprise to receive capital therefrom to continue production and business activities.

  • Tax refund for exporters if tax fraud is not detected in wake of inspection

For the tax refund application files of the exporters under inspection and verification, which have passed the prescribed time limit for settlement, and if the inspection and verification results have not yet detected any tax fraud acts, the tax authorities will rely on the application files and attached documents provided by the enterprises to determine the tax amounts eligible for tax refund and make tax refund according to regulations.

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