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4 Important keys in a commercial contract cannot be ignored

In commercial relationship, parties normally put more interest on commercial aspect rather than legal aspect. Instead of making significant effort to negotiate and draft a commercial contract with a tight legal framework, the parties entering into a commercial contract by way of drafting as “sketchy”, primarily based on habit and the trust, which hides a lot of potential risks for the parties. In the event of disputes, the terms of such commercial contract is not clear leading to the difficulties in resolving the disputes. Global Vietnam Lawyers (GV Lawyers) would like to mention hereinafter 4 important keys in a commercial contract...

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Legal Newsletter Issue No.4| December 2019

Dear valued clients and partners, We wish you a “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” in advance and as usual, we would like to continue updating and sharing with our valued clients and partners the outstanding legal information during the month and valuable news for your reference. Legal Newsletter No. 4 | December 2019 covers the following: In the “Business Highlights” section, we are pleased to introduce the very event about the signing ceremony of a comprehensive cooperation agreement between Global Integration Business Consulting Co., Ltd. and Global Vietnam Lawyers. Besides, our “Remarkable Regulations” section will present some main contents as follows: Novelties In...

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Signing Ceremony of Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement between GIBC and GV Lawyers

Ho Chi Minh city, 4 December 2019 Global Integration Business Consultants (GIBC) and Global Vietnam Lawyers (GV Lawyers) officially signed a Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement in Ho Chi Minh city on 4 December 2019. GIBC is founded with the vision of accompanying Vietnamese businesses on the journey toward sustainable growth and integration into the global economy, GIBC brings together a diverse team of professionals and experts from various business and management backgrounds, including veteran leaders and senior managers from local and multinational firms and organizations, economic experts, accredited legal advisors, accomplished PR and communications specialists and professors from leading local and international universities....

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Legal Newsletter Issue No.3| November 2019

Dear valued clients and partners, As usual, ​we, GV Lawyers, continue to share and update our clients and partners ​on the prominent legal information in November and other remarkable news. Our Legal Newsletter No. 3 | November 2019 includes the following main content: Notable legal contents as follows: -        Guidance on recording land use levies owed by households and individuals -        Guidance on electronic invoices -        E-transactions in taxation -        Regulations on cooperative groups The part "Reading for you" shares with you two articles which are interesting to many readers: -        Amending the Construction Law: 8 cases without obtaining construction permit -        The government proposes not to reduce working hours to less than 48 hours per week The answers' to...

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Legal Newsletter Issue No.2| October 2019

Dear Valued Clients and Partners, Our Legal Newsletter of October 2019 includes the following key contents: The opening is an introduction about the article by Mr. Luong Van Ly and Mr. Tran Thanh Tung titled: " How To Promote Sandbox Mechanism Effectively " published in Saigon Times on October 3, 2019, Issue No. 40.2019 (1.503). Sandbox is a unique mechanism of the 4.0 industrial revolution. Through the article, the lawyers made a multi-dimensional assessment on the benefits / risks of this mechanism, the development trend of the Sandbox mechanism in Vietnam as well as the challenges of the Sandbox mechanism against policy makers,...

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