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Legal Newsletter | October 2019

Dear Valued Clients and Partners,

Our Legal Newsletter of October 2019 includes the following key contents:

The opening is an introduction about the article by Mr. Luong Van Ly and Mr. Tran Thanh Tung titled: “How To Promote Sandbox Mechanism Effectively” published in Saigon Times on October 3, 2019, Issue No. 40.2019 (1.503).

Sandbox is a unique mechanism of the 4.0 industrial revolution. Through the article, the lawyers made a multi-dimensional assessment on the benefits / risks of this mechanism, the development trend of the Sandbox mechanism in Vietnam as well as the challenges of the Sandbox mechanism against policy makers, managers and stakeholders in Vietnam. From there, the authors also make recommendations necessary for the competent authorities to study and have specific directions so that the Sandbox mechanism can maximize the effectiveness of this particular mechanism.

The following is a review of some notable legal information with the following contents:

  • New Decree on penalties for administrative violations in the field of competition;
  • New Decree provides for the use of public property to pay investors when executing work construction investment projects in the form of construction-transfer contract;
  • Amend and supplement the regulation on employment promotion policies and the National Fund for Employment;
  • Regulations on assets not eligible to be recognized as fixed assets, or intangible and special fixed assets managed by the Ministry of Justice; and
  • Regulations on management of construction investment costs.

In the section of Reading for you, we also share and update news and useful information for our valuable clients and partners to conveniently refer to.

In the section of Answer to Legal Enquiries, we would like to quote the information on answering the enquiries of individuals and enterprises based on the response letter by the state agency.

The final part of the Legal Newsletter is the List of selected legal documents issued in October2019.

We hope you find the content herein useful and would welcome any feedback you have about this and future editions of our Legal newsletter.​

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