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Signing Ceremony of Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement between GIBC and GV Lawyers

Ho Chi Minh city, 4 December 2019
Global Integration Business Consultants (GIBC) and Global Vietnam Lawyers (GV Lawyers) officially signed a Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement in Ho Chi Minh city on 4 December 2019.
GIBC is founded with the vision of accompanying Vietnamese businesses on the journey toward sustainable growth and integration into the global economy, GIBC brings together a diverse team of professionals and experts from various business and management backgrounds, including veteran leaders and senior managers from local and multinational firms and organizations, economic experts, accredited legal advisors, accomplished PR and communications specialists and professors from leading local and international universities. GIBC aims to facilitate business growth for its customers and prepare them for global competition through strategy advisory and management consulting services, including business restructuring insights, human resource consulting, risk management consulting, marketing, communication and CSR consulting.
GV Lawyers is established by a group of dedicated lawyers with more than 20 years of professional experience in multi-sector legal practice and operation of the most prominent law firms in Vietnam. Its legal staff consists of more than 60 Senior Associates, Associates and Para-Legal Officers working at 03 offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi and Da Nang. GV Lawyers is strongly committed to serving both local & foreign clients with diversifying range of practices covering both Consultancy and Litigation.
The Cooperation Agreement between GIBC and GV Lawyers aims to jointly provide mutual clients with the corporate sustainability consulting services, on the basis of harmonizing economic, social and environmental benefits; family management consulting services, including legal consulting, strategy consulting and strategic advisory services to improve business performance, to accompany corporate clients in creating a dynamic and progressive business environment, as well as to affirm Vietnam’s critical position in the global business map. In addition, GIBC and GV Lawyers also share common social responsibility values and participate in social and environmental activities, such as “Clean Water for Schools” program, PRO Vietnam – an initiative to strengthen the packaging recycling ecosystem in Vietnam, etc.
Under the Cooperation Agreement, parties shall endeavor its best effort to strengthen support, exchange information, and share resources to maximize the potential, promote advantages of each party, improve quality of services, and provide solutions that are in line with corporate clients’ highest requirements of legal standards, business practice, feasibility and efficiency.
Both parties shall affirm long-term comprehensive cooperation on the basis of voluntary, equality, competency, mutual benefits and legal compliance.
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Mr. Pham Phu Ngoc Trai – Chairman of GIBC delivers his speech at the ceremony


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Mr. Luong Van Ly – A Partner of GV Lawyers shares his insights, thoughts at the ceremony
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