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Legal Consulting Services

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Our legal staff consists of more than 60 Senior Associates, Associates and Para-Legal Officers altogether. It is growing fast given the increasing demand for our service. Our Partners, Senior Associates and Associates are seasoned attorneys-at-law while our Para-Legal Officers are graduates from law schools, to be approved as qualified attorneys-at-law by the Ministry of Justice and the National Bar Association in accordance with the laws. Such pooling together of senior and junior staff is the best blessing a law firm may be granted. It enables us to couple wisdom and impetuosity, experience and innovation, subtleness and aggressiveness for our clients’ best gratification. GV Lawyers is operating across the country, mainly from its 03 offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi and Da Nang.

To accompany the rapid economic expansion and meet the expectations of a growing and diversifying clientele GV Lawyers’ range of practices covers both Transaction and Litigation in as diversified matters as Tax, Labour & Employment, Merger & Acquisition, Real Estate, infrastructure, Marine & Shipping, Intellectual Property, Trade, Investment, Education, Civil Matters, Migration, to name a few.

We are strongly committed to serving our clients, both local and foreign, with the best expertise in Viet Nam’s laws and in line with the globally accepted standards of involvement, professionalism, and moral probity. Our ultimate target is making Viet Nam a safer place for them to make money. To our business partners we pledge loyal and long-term cooperation in order to achieve the jointly determined targets.

We are proud of the professional achievements of each member of our team and trust that we are the best advisors and counsels you may have.


  • When it comes to legal disputes that involve civil litigation, you can count on our experienced lawyers to provide you with the best legal representation with reasonable legal fees.
  • Whether you’re an individual, small family-run companies or large industry leading corporations our experienced team will be able to advise you accordingly.
  • GVLAWYERS is a firm of dedicated lawyers with a focus on Trust, Integrity, and Transparency for everyone we represent.

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