Guiding the payment of SI, HI, UI, LAODI premiums from January 01, 2020

Ho Chi Minh City Social Insurance Agency guides the payment of social insurance (SI), health insurance (HI), unemployment insurance (UI), labor accident and occupational disease insurance (LAODI) premiums as follows:

1. From January 01, 2020, employers must review the wages stated in labour contracts as the basis for payment of SI, HI, UI and LAODI premiums for each employee to be consistent with the salary scale and payroll set out.

The new regional minimum wages are applied as follows:

– The level of VND 4,420,000/month applicable to units and enterprises operating in the localities of Cu Chi, Hoc Mon, Binh Chanh and Nha Be districts.

– The level of VND 3,920,000/month, applicable to units and enterprises operating in the locality of Can Gio district.

If an enterprise operating in Ho Chi Minh City has branches operating in geographical areas with different minimum wage levels, their branches or units will apply the minimum wage accordingly prescribed for the geographical areas where they operate.
2. Enterprises must implement the salaries agreed in labor contracts and pay SI, HI, UI, and LAODI premiums as follows:

– Not to be lower than the area minimum wage for employees doing the most simple jobs;

– For employees who have passed vocational training or apprenticeship, their salaries must be at least 7% higher than the regional minimum wage.
3. By February 28, 2020, employers must submit dossiers of adjustment of salaries for payment of SI, HI, UI, and OA-DI premiums to employees based on the new regional minimum wages.

Past that time limit, if employers have not adjusted it, the SI agency will temporarily adjust the salary paid for SI, HI, UI, and LAODI to be equal to the new regional minimum wage for employees doing simple jobs and an additional 7% for employees who have completed vocational training until they have prepared a dossier for adjustment as prescribed.
4. The SI agency only certifies the process of SI and UI and settle the regimes when employers prepare dossiers of adjustment of regional minimum wage in accordance with the above provisions.

Guidelines are provided in Official Letter No. 2781/BHXH-QLT dated November 29, 2019 of the Ho Chi Minh City Insurance Society.

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