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Managing Partner Nguyen Gia Huy Chuong is honored to become the Vice President of YBA HCM

In the most recent sharing with the Investment Bridge Magazine (nhipdautu.vn), Mr. Nguyen Gia Huy Chuong, Managing Partner of GV Lawyers proudly expressed the primary reasons that persuaded him and GV Lawyers to choose to join the Young Businesspeople Association – YBA of Ho Chi Minh City (YBA-HCMC).

Specifically, Mr. Chuong said that YBA-HCMC is one of the oldest business associations in Ho Chi Minh City and up to now, YBA-HCMC has passed the 26th year, with many talented, dynamic and creative business members. When choosing to join and accompany YBA-HCMC, Mr. Chuong was really impressed with YBA Talks and YBA Shares – A new beginning for connections and shares. Not only by the name of these programs but also by the succinct content that YBA-HCMC aims to achieve and share with the business community in particular and the society in general the values ​​of YBA-HCMC.

Moreover, at the end of November 2020, Mr.  Chuong was also honored to obtain the trusted recognition from the Congress of Delegates and the Executive Committee of YBA-HCMC under the term XI, which appoints him to the position of Vice President of the Executive Committee of YBA-HCMC under the term XI (2020-2023), with the slogan “Commitment – Breakthrough – Reverberating” coupled with three action goals, including: Focusing on developing business of members; Strengthening social and community work; Bringing positive values ​​to each member as well as improving the value of happiness for the whole society.

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Amid the economic context where Vietnam in general and Ho Chi Minh City in particular is now seeing multi[le changes and unpredictable developments in the past and coming time, Mr Chuong under the new role will implement many important missions, which are both pride and challenge to motivate him with a willingness to commit and contribute his strength and profound legal knowledge to embark on training activities, enhance the management and leadership capacity of members, especially the sustainable development of enterprises, from the perspective of legal experts, risk management through legal information topics, seminars of the YBA-HCMC; participate directly and/or make a particular financial contribution to support the running of the social responsibility activities – other charity programs that YBA-HCMC wants to send to our community.

Please see more information at: https://nhipcaudautu.vn/ceo/yba-hcm-qua-chia-se-cua-luat-su-nguyen-gia-huy-chuong-3338345/

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