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Legal Newsletter | October 2022

Dear Valued Customers and Partners,

GV Lawyers would like to introduce you Legal Newsletter of October 2022 with the following main contents:

  • The newsletter will keep you updated about the novelties on foreign loans and payment of foreign debts of enterprises, at the same time on bank guarantee. This is the information that enterprises are waiting for, in the context of tight domestic capital.
  • For human resource managers, is the representative office in Vietnam the employer in the labour contract with its employees? That seemingly silly question is a controversial legal issue. In the article “Who is the employer of those working for a representative office?”, Lawyer Dinh Quang Thuan, Partner of GV Lawyers will share his practice at the Court in this regard. Through the article, GV Lawyers hopes to help businesses recognize and properly apply labour laws to avoid legal risks while still managing human resources effectively.
  • Enterprises will be interested in the fact that the regulations on calculating the car localisation rate will be removed from 01 October 2022, at the same time recommend an credit room extension of 1-2% despite high interest rate of HOREA in “Good readings for you”
  • In the section “Legal Guidance“, we will update the questions related to tax policy such as: (i) Personal income tax on employee gifts; (ii) Time of invoice issuance, value-added tax declaration for construction and installation activities ; (iii) Personal income tax exemption and reduction under the Agreement on Avoiding Double Taxation; and (iv) Expenses before establishment of an enterprise.
  • The last part of the Legal Newsletter is, as usual, the list of selected latest legal documents issued.

We hope you will find this newsletter useful. To read the full Legal Newsletter, please click DOWNLOAD.

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