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Ms. Van Quynh – GV Lawyers shares her legal opinion about the merger of Vingroup and Masan Group

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On December 20, 2019, HTV Television broadcasted a Newsletter with the topic of Reportage on the merger of Vingroup & Masan Group and had an interview with Lawyer Nguyen Van Quynh of Global Vietnam Lawyers Law Firm to update the latest developments. Legal advice from a lawyer.
Vincommerce General Trading Services Joint Stock Company and Vinaco Company under Vingroup will merge into Masan Consumer Goods Joint Stock Company – Masan Consumer Holding of Masan Group to form a leading retail consumer goods group in Vietnam. This billion-dollar deal is receiving a lot of attention from experts not only because of the conversion value but also the impact on the retail industry in Vietnam. According to the released statement, after this deal is completed, Masan Group will take over the management rights of Vingroup at more than 2,600 supermarkets at Vinmart and Vinmart+ stores in 50 provinces and cities across the country. Vingroup will exchange all shares in Vincommerce into shares of the new company after the merger. Masan Group will take control of the entire operation, Vingroup is just a shareholder. Many experts expressed interest in this combination with a huge amount of money and scale right in the days near the Lunar New Year, the golden time of the retail industry.
Mr. Henry Forde – American Trade Expert said, “If this group has enough products to meet the market demand, the joint business and profit sharing will be an indispensable part of the market. It also helps to operate orders between traditional and modern will also be better.”
According to information of Vingroup, this is not a merger and acquisition, but a joint stock swap with Masan Group. Also from many perspectives in the context of imported goods and foreign investment supply chains in the Vietnamese market, this deal will create a positive balance for the development of Vietnam’s retail consumer goods industry towards the direction of the Vietnamese market. to the regional scale.
Mr. Nguyen Thai Binh – Retail expert said “The principle in the retail industry, the supermarket industry is that the advantage lies at the top of the shelf, if there are good shelves, the product will be sold faster and better, and the brand will also go faster the better. It’s an advantage for both sides.”
Lawyer Nguyen Van Quynh – Global Vietnam Lawyers Law Firm (GV Lawyers) said: “Currently, Vin’s strategy is to develop high technology and develop automobiles to enhance Vietnamese businesses, Vin will focus all its resources. force to develop that industry. While Vin’s retail industry has had a long period of development. If mergers and acquisitions lead to dominating markets, related markets, and industries, these matters will be governed by the Competition Law.”
According to published information, after taking over Masan Group, the current management system of Vincommerce and policies for suppliers remains unchanged. All Vincommerce customers will also continue to enjoy Vingroup’s incentives. Especially policies for Vin ID cardholders. Employees of Vinmart and Vinmart+ will also continue to inherit the benefits available from Vingroup and enjoy additional benefits from Masan Group.

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