Legal Newsletter No.8 Aug2022 EN

Legal Newsletter | August 2022

Dear Valued Customers and Partners,

GV Lawyers would like to introduce you Legal Newsletter in August 2022 with the following main contents:

  • In the first part of the newsletter, we will keep you updated about the novelties on land price that is deducted for value-added tax calculation upon real estate transfers, on manufacturers’ and importers’ responsibility for recycling products, packaging material and waste treatment. In addition, we will help you stay up to date on working time and rest time of employees operating gas works.
  • To better understand the role of guardians and guardianship supervisors, in the article “Guardianship and guardianship supervision”, Lawyer Le Quang Vy, Partners of GV Lawyers will analyze regulations related to the rights and obligations of guardians and guardianship custodians under the Civil Code 2015, especially civil transactions related to the ward’s property to note that related parties need to limit the behavior of the upper hand seeking guardian.
  • Enterprises will be interested in the fact that the Ministry of Industry and Trade proposes that unfinished wind and solar power projects will negotiate power selling prices with EVN, at the same time, the Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association proposes to alleviate problems of the textile industry in the last months of the year in “Good readings for you” section.
  • In the section “Legal Guidance“, we will update the questions related to tax policy such as: (i) Tax policy for engagement of foreign workers; (ii) Tax policy for online advertising services on Facebook; (iii) Fixed asset depreciation expenses from any gift, donation, compensation; and (iv) Issue an invoice for office sublease.
  • The last part of the Legal Newsletter is, as usual, the list of selected latest legal documents issued.

We hope you will find this newsletter useful. To read the full Legal Newsletter, please click DOWNLOAD.

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