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Legal Newsletter | November 2019

Dear valued clients and partners,

As usual, ​we, GV Lawyers, continue to share and update our clients and partners ​on the prominent legal information in November and other remarkable news.

Our Legal Newsletter No. 3 | November 2019 includes the following main content:

Notable legal contents as follows:

–        Guidance on recording land use levies owed by households and individuals

–        Guidance on electronic invoices

–        E-transactions in taxation

–        Regulations on cooperative groups

The part “Reading for you” shares with you two articles which are interesting to many readers:

–        Amending the Construction Law: 8 cases without obtaining construction permit

–        The government proposes not to reduce working hours to less than 48 hours per week

The answers’ to legal enquiries section, deliver’s information regarding the answer to problems for individuals and  enterprise based on the written response of the state agency.

The last part of the Newsletter is a list of selected legal documents issued in October 2019.

We hope this Legal Newsletter will be useful for you. Should you have any legal issues that you need to discuss and require help with, please contact us via phone +28 3622 3555 or email

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