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Lawyer Tran Ngoc Thuyet accompanies HTV’s program “Citizens with the law”

“Citizens with the law” program with the participation of Lawyer Tran Ngoc Thuyet of Global Vietnam Lawyers law firm as a guest lawyer was broadcast by Ho Chi Minh City Television – HTV9 on 17 September 2020.

Through the “Citizens with the law” program under the theme “Proactively protecting property and family“, Lawyer Tran Ngoc Thuyet, with nearly 20 years of legal practice experience, introduced civil cases, along with expert comments from a legal perspective and answered each civil matter related to the law on division of inheritance, making wills and the necessary steps to protect property and family to minimize future disputes in terms of both reasoning and feeling.

In fact, there are many cases where a person dies without a will, this will give rise to a dispute over inheritance among siblings in the family, or a guardian taking advantage of the left property for his own purposes, etc. For that reason, Lawyer Thuyet believes that making a will is, by nature, not only full of humanity, showing their will, feelings and aspirations before passing away, but also protect our surviving loved ones from falling into unnecessary conflicts. Besides, with the “Citizens with the Law” Program under the theme “Proactively protecting property and family“, Lawyer Thuyet also brought some recommendations how to protect and preserve essential documents related to wills, personal property and family for their benefits to avoid  unfortunately encountering unexpected risks in everyday life.

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