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Introduction to the establishment of Vietnam International Arbitration Institute (VIArb)

Founded in May 2020, the Vietnam Institute of Arbitrators – VIArb held its launching meeting and ceremony on 20 November 2020. VIArb’s mission is to be a pioneer in its domain, namely by focusing on activities of research and training of arbitrators and ADR practitioners who are to assist in settling commercial disputes in Vietnam.

The founding members of VIArb are prestigious barristers-at-law, arbitrators and mediators, all experts in the field of commercial dispute resolution, including Mr. Truong Trong Nghia, Mr. Luong Van Ly, Mr.  Luong Van Trung, Mr. Le Net, Mr. Phan Trong Dat, Mr. Nguyen Duy Linh and Mr. Nguyen Trung Nam.

GV Lawyers would like to take this occasion to send its warmest congratulations to VIArb and Mr. Luong Van Ly, Senior Adviser of Global Vietnam Lawyers and the founding member of VIArb. We are confident that VIArb will contribute a great deal to enhancing the quality of and bringing arbitration in Vietnam to international commercial arbitration standards.

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