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Congratulations on GVL’s 1st anniversary – August 2020!

For Vietnam and the whole world 2020 is a difficult year, socially and economically. But for our GV Lawyers, 2020 is not an isolated case. We have been confronting hardship and rocks and waterfalls since late 2019 when we laid down the foundation of GV Lawyers.

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Though being a cemented community of individuals with solid expertise, decades of experience, sharing common values and having deep knowledge of one another as a result of previous years of companionship GV Lawyers is a novice on the Vietnamese legal market. For the past twelve months, we have sensed curiosity from new customers about the legal services provided by a new name such as GV Lawyers. But we have also truly and deeply experienced affection, loyalty, understanding, recognition, satisfaction, loyalty from a multitude of more familiar clients, friends and fellow lawyers which helped us believe even stronger in our future.

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Destination is still some distance away but it is with full determination and confidence that we are marching forward today, now, in every present minute and second. At this point, GV Lawyers is happy to announce that WE ARE 1 YEAR OF AGE.

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On this meaningful occasion, let us first express our sincere gratitude to our clients and friends. Next let us also thank each of our brothers and sisters in the GV Lawyers family in Ha Noi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City for having kept hold of one another’s hands, and been the source of one another’s inspiration and stamina all over the trip which has been ours so far.

Best regards,

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