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4 Important keys in a commercial contract cannot be ignored

In commercial relationship, parties normally put more interest on commercial aspect rather than legal aspect. Instead of making significant effort to negotiate and draft a commercial contract with a tight legal framework, the parties entering into a commercial contract by way of drafting as “sketchy”, primarily based on habit and the trust, which hides a lot of potential risks for the parties. In the event of disputes, the terms of such commercial contract is not clear leading to the difficulties in resolving the disputes. Global Vietnam Lawyers (GV Lawyers) would like to mention hereinafter 4 important keys in a commercial contract...

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Two Critical Points In The Legal Protection Of Minority Shareholders

The article by Associate Attorney Hoang Thi Hoai Thu was published on the Saigon Economic Times page on January 16, 2020 with the title: "Two Critical Points In The Legal Protection Of Minority Shareholders". *** The Enterprise Law 2014 creates a mechanism to allow minority shareholders to have the opportunity to assign their personnel to the board of managers of the company, but concurrently, majority shareholders can therefrom dismiss members representing the minority thanks to their overwhelming majority. BOARD OF MANAGERS WITH PROTECTION OF MINORITY SHAREHOLDERS In a joint stock company, shareholders own the company but the operation of the company is delegated to...

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Is the intermediary E-trading Characterized As Both “Honest” And “Dishonest”?

GV Lawyers would like to present an article by Ms. Ho Thi Tram, entitled: ”Is the intermediary E-trading Characterized As Both "Honest" And "Dishonest"?” published in Saigon Times on May 23, 2019, Issue No. 21.2019 (1.484). *** PUSHING ALL RISKS TO CUSTOMERS Recently many e-commercial trading platforms have changed their delivery policy, not allowing customers to check goods when they are received. The reason given by some e-commercial trading platforms is that the shipper cannot be verified as the seller without information on the goods, and therefore he/she cannot check the goods with the buyer. Thus, the buyer will have to pay in full before knowing...

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How To Promote Sandbox Mechanism Effectively

GV Lawyers would like to present an article by Mr. Luong Van Ly and Mr. Tran Thanh Tung, entitled: " How To Promote Sandbox Mechanism Effectively " published in Saigon Times on October 3, 2019, Issue No. 40.2019 (1.503). *** SANDBOX – A SPECIALTY OF ECONOMY 4.0 The "Sandbox" mechanism was first introduced in the Prime Minister's Decision No. 999 / QD-TTg dated August 12, 2019, approving the Scheme to promote a shared economy. "Sandbox" is a strange concept in Vietnam but can be considered a specialty of economy 4.0. Literally, the sandbox is a space where children can play around without fears of being injured...

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Don’t Leave Court Judgment Unenforced

We would like to introduce the article of Lawyer Tran Huu Tien titled: "Don't Leave Court Judgment Unenforced" published in Saigon Economic Times on 29 August, 2019, Issue No. 35.2019 (1,498). In the article, Lawyer Tien mentioned the current situation and inadequacies in the implementation of civil judgments and decisions that are effective in Vietnam. The article also giveen readers the perspective and legal views on the effectiveness of some current regulations relating to the execution of sentences. In conclusion, the article suggests the application of sanctions to support the enforcement of civil judgments in Vietnam more effectively, referring to...

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